For over 20 years, TIDAL has been driven by the single-minded pursuit of redefining quality in sound with the proposition "That we would design and build the finest audio systems in the world." For audiophile loudspeakers and electronics, TIDAL is the top of the summit 

"But as exalted as all of these qualities are, they alone wouldn’t have gotten Tidal on my list. Tidal stands at the very top of the industry for its promise to perfect every detail, down to the most microscopic and seemingly least consequential. Their build and finish qualities, inside and outside the speaker, are the best I’ve seen on any audio product of any type."  "I could go on and on -- suffice it to say that you probably haven’t seen what’s possible in precision loudspeaker design and manufacture until you’ve been in the presence of a Tidal loudspeaker."  Jeff Fritz, SoundStage! Ultra

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