Vertere Challenger DC Power Supply
Vertere Challenger

Vertere Challenger DC Power Supply

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Challenger is a performance enhancing dedicated DC power supply for the award-winning DG-1 turntable and Tempo motor drive. Countless hours of testing and investigative listening have enabled us to provide this astonishing upgrade. Challenger elevates the performance of the DG-1 turntable to yet a new level. Challenger is supplied with standard power cable or, as Challenger Redline Package, with Redline power cable for further enhanced performance. 

The music we hear when playing vinyl records, in reality, comes from the motor! The motor is the only source of energy in the system. It is this energy that drives the record past the stylus thus making the music we hear. Any amount of noise or fluctuation in the drive system will adversely impact on the music. Detail, dynamics, timbre, timing and musicality are just some of the qualities that will suffer as a result. 

Challenger ensures the DC power to the DG-1 turntable or the Tempo motor drive is clean, stable and free from interference to allow the motor drives operate at their optimum. 

The Challenger enhances the musical performance and makes the experience of listening to vinyl on your Vertere DG-1 turntable that much closer to the original master.

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