Vertere Dark Sabre Moving Magnet Cartridge
Vertere Dark Sabre Moving Magnet Cartridge

Vertere Dark Sabre Moving Magnet Cartridge

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Introducing a revolutionary new level of musical clarity and definition. Dark Sabre builds on the success of its sister cartridge with an all-new fixing formation, single piece chassis and steeper profile for vastly optimised weight distribution and surface traction. Along with its micro-elliptical nude diamond stylus and telescopic cantilever, Dark Sabre sits among the most cutting-edge moving magnet cartridges available today.

Transformational design, stunning reproduction
Dark Sabre builds on the successes of its much-loved sister cartridge, Sabre, whilst simultaneously introducing a revolutionary new level of musical clarity and definition never before experienced in a moving magnet design.

Both Sabre and Dark Sabre share the same generator, but a new fixing technique and cartridge profile in Dark Sabre has allowed for a profound performance improvement on its older sibling. A quad point screw formation on a newly designed, single-piece aluminium chassis allows Dark Sabre to distribute its weight much more evenly and effectively. To complement this new design, Dark Sabre employs a steeper cartridge profile, resulting in a much more consistent contact with the vinyl surface. 

The design improvements don’t stop there. With Dark Sabre, we’ve further elevated the product specifications by employing the same nude diamond micro-elliptical stylus and telescopic cantilever found in XtraX. It all adds up to make Dark Sabre one of the most forward-thinking and cutting-edge moving magnet cartridges ever built. The effect on your music is remarkable - producing a depth of musical clarity and accuracy the likes of which we’ve never heard from a MM cartridge.

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