Vertere PHONO-1 MkII - used
Vertere PHONO-1 MkII - used

Vertere PHONO-1 MkII - used

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Taken on trade in excellent condition with all the original packaging. DG-1 style black finish which is a perfect aesthetic match to the Vertere DG-1 turntable.

MC | MM Preamplifier PHONO-1 gets the best from any high-quality record player, with maximum dynamic range and supreme detail resolution. With more than 10 gain settings, 15 resistance and 9 capacitance settings, PHONO-1 leaves nothing to chance. It makes the perfect match for almost any Moving Coil or Moving Magnet cartridge.

This is the same MM-MC phono preamp we use in one of our reference systems with the Vertere DG-1 turntable and the sound quality far exceeds its modest asking price. We've found it to outperform more expensive offerings with its overall musicality, resolution and incredibly low noise-floor. But, don't just believe us, it has received a pile of great press, product of the year awards, and is considered one of the best deals in high-end audio:

The Audiophile Man - “…the PHONO-1 is an impressive design and deserves your attention.”

“I was particularly impressed with the Phono-1, which I consider one of the best deals in high-end audio." "...the Phono-1 gets you way up the high-end ladder without a price that has you examining your sanity..”

Stereo Magazine
“...the Phono-1 does not present boredom here, never drifts towards indifference or triviality thanks to its temperament, but always stays close on the heels of the artists' intention. All this with a tiny tendency towards the "velvety", which is enchanting when producing voices and strings and only makes it all the more likable and suitable for long-term use.”

Hi-Fi Choice (PDF file)
“The Phono-1 MkII is a similarly superb piece of design easily top of the tree at its price point. Its unforced and natural treble performance in particular is a delight.”

What Hi-Fi?
“One of the finest phono stages we’ve heard at the price.”

“…the PHONO-1 is one of the most naturally sounding phono stages I’ve heard in a long time”

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