Vertere Pulse-R USB Digital Cable (1.5M) - Used
Vertere Pulse-R USB digital cable

Vertere Pulse-R USB Digital Cable (1.5M) - Used

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Similar to much costlier Vertere Pulse-HB Hand-Built (regarded as one of the very best digital USB cables available), the Pulse-R USB Digital Cable utilizes the versatile and superior internal conductors of Pulse-R to connect the digital signal and separate D-Fi cable to provide the 5V DC power. Keeping the digital signal clear of any unwanted interface ensures unsurpassed performance from the DAC.

We compared it directly against our Vertere Redline USB, which is an award winning cable and an outstanding performer, and this higher Pulse-R definitely shows itself as the superior cable with a level of liquidity and naturalness that goes to another level in a revealing system.

Pulse-R USB interconnect will enhance the performance of almost any DAC bringing computer audio performance in-line with the very best in digital music.

USB 2.0 Double Cable

Termination and Length
TypeA / TypeB 1.5M

Cable Type
x2 Data, Separate Power, x1 GND

High Purity Copper

Silver, Tin


Main Braid + Inner Wrap

Vertere Reference Special

4.8 x 9.0 mm

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