Vertere Pulse-XS Reference Speaker Cable
Vertere Pulse-XS Reference Speaker Cable

Vertere Pulse-XS Reference Speaker Cable

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Unleash the life in each musical performance with the exceptional dynamics of Pulse-XS Reference Speaker Cable. Terminated with Vertere Reference Connectors.

Pulse-XS Reference Speaker Cable follows the same unique design principles applied to the Pulse range of interconnect cables, only operating at much higher voltages and currents. The Pulse-XS utilises innovative conductor design and signal shielding that make Pulse-XS the unparalleled connection between the amplifier and loudspeaker.

It is designed with both amplifier output and loudspeaker input requirements in mind. Pulse-XS ensures that the amplifier remains in control of the loudspeaker at all times during complex and delicate passages. The extraordinary dynamics, at low as well as high volume levels, help unleash the ‘life’ within the performance.

The insight into the music and life-like performance makes the experience truly remarkable. Pulse-XS Reference is terminated in proprietary Vertere Reference 7mm Banana, 4mm Banana or Spade connectors. All reference connectors utilise special copper alloy contacts, precision machined and 23.95ct hard gold plated to 5 microns.

Integral Jumper (ITJ) Option
Where the speaker has more than one pair of input terminals, ITJs allow terminal connections without the necessity of using compromised binding post links.

Bridged Balanced Type
Pulse-XS Reference is terminated in Bridged Balanced mode suitable for all amplifier speaker outputs.

It is important to realise that the bridged outputs are effectively two power amps, where ‘Black’ terminals are joined together and unused – a floating ground system.

The two ‘Red’ terminals then become the new Red and Black terminals. Here one of the amps is inverted which results in an overall output twice the single amp output – twice the power. In this bridged balanced mode both the red and the black terminals are AC audio signal and require exactly the same type of signal conductor for connection to the speakers.

Pulse-XS Reference terminated Bridged Balanced has two signal conductors identical and shielded for optimum performance.

Single Ended Type
Generally a power amplifier’s ‘Black’ output terminal is in fact connected to the amplifier signal ground and carries no signal.

This is the DC Zero reference for the ‘Red’ terminal which carries the entire audio AC signal. For this reason the Pulse-XS Reference can be terminated with its ‘Black’ conductor different to the ‘Red’ to suit DC zero reference better. This could marginally enhance performance.

‘Red’ signal conductor remains shielded and the shield connection is managed by the unique switchable Shield Management Block.

Pulse-XS Reference Cable ID would be marked – Single Ended.

Touraj from Vertere describes why cables are the weak link in most audio systems

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