Vertere Redline Jumper Cable
Vertere Redline Jumper Cable (1/2 of included set)

Vertere Redline Jumper Cable

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Spade to Banana
Banana to Banana
Note: Included are two of the jumpers pictured which are suitable for a pair of speakers.

Vertere’s Redline Jumper Cable is an idea solution for speakers with more than one set of binding posts. Speaker manufacturers often supply cheap stamped metal binding post links (jumpers) to bridge between the upper and lower terminals. When putting care, attention and expense into making sure your system is of high quality, you don’t want to ignore this critical area. 

Sure, you can opt to bi-wire speakers with two sets of binding posts, but in most cases, you will get better performance with a higher quality cable and jumper as opposed to two separate runs of lower quality cable at the same price. Benefits from bi-wiring often come just by getting rid of the cheap stock jumper. Instead of bi-wiring, a high-quality mono-wire and the Vertere Redline Jumper is the answer.

Standard termination:
Spades on one side and bananas on the other. The jumper is not directional, so these can be installed in the manner that works best to suit your purpose.

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