Vimberg Tonda Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)
Vimberg Tonda Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)

Vimberg Tonda Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)

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Tonda Model and Finish
Designed and built under the same roof as the ultra high-end masterpieces from Tidal, Vimberg has been created to be more financially attainable while giving you much of the same quality and unbelievable attention to detail. Created for the ultimate audio systems in large spaces, the Vimberg Tonda challenges the very best available at any price.  Part-time Audiophile said it best “My understanding is that this line of loudspeakers will very much have “DNA” derived from the much more expensive TIDAL brand. Think Toyota vs Lexus, if Lexus was Rolls Royce (if that makes sense).”
“Imagine with me for a moment. Let’s say Bugatti decided that it wanted to build a car that sold for $29,000 USD, and this car would also look, smell, feel, and drive like a $215,000 USD Bugatti. Albeit some minor engineering and production compromises would have to be made, but overall — the experience and emotions it would produce would be almost identical. That is what TIDAL Audio founder Jörn Janczak has just done with the development of his new VIMBERG™ company.” (Eric Shook,

The Vimberg Tonda is a statement 3-way speaker that provides world-class performance for larger spaces. While its smaller brother Mino is spectacular for mid-sized spaces, larger cabinet and drivers are necessary to provide the full experience and bass impact for large rooms. It is a full-range speaker that is utterly transparent and neutrally balanced with depth of bass that is staggering. Subtle details, impeccable timing and three-dimensionality allow you to be fully immersed in the musical experience.

When Jeff Fritz, from SoundStage! Ultra, changed rooms and was ‘downsizing’ from the Magico Q7 speakers, after hearing the Vimberg Tonda at High End 2018 he was “enamoured on the spot”. The Vimberg Tonda has since become his new reference loudspeaker.

Tweeter option

The Tonda comes with a 30mm ceramic tweeter known for its stunning clarity and openness when combined with the crossovers from Vimberg using the best components available.

For those wanting the ultimate, the Tonda D utilizes a pure diamond tweeter option or the Tonda can be updated to this at a later date.

Ceramic midrange driver

This Accuton 168mm ceramic midrange driver is ultra lightweight to respond to musical impulses quickly and accurately. It is integrated perfectly with the either choice of tweeter.

Aluminum bass drivers

Three 190mm aluminium drivers from Accuton located in a precisely calculated cabinet volume give unbelievably deep, tight and impactful bass that is suitable for large rooms.

Vimberg crossover

While immense care and attention goes into the choice of drivers and cabinet design, it’s what is ‘unseen’ that often makes the biggest difference. Using Mundorf™ & Duelund™ crossover components with superb engineering and execution allows this crossover to provide seamless integration and incredibly linear response. Also, crucially important is that the crossover implementation results in the speaker being an easy amplifier load for a wide variety of high-end amplifiers and ensures consistent performance.

Driver mounting

While many speakers mount the driver directly into an MDF cabinet, Vimberg goes much further to provide a solid, stable and vibration-free approach to getting the most from these spectacular Accuton drivers.

The midrange/tweeter unit and all bass drivers are mounted in an aluminum plate and uses aluminum internal mountings in a sandwich construction with the cabinet. The main body of the cabinet is a waterproof HDF fibre laminate that goes to another level beyond the ordinary for resonance control.

A stable footing

The Tonda comes with a massive footer/outrigger arrangement milled from a solid block of aluminum. It is then connected to a unique 5-part isolation device with a Teflon-glider inlay to provide isolation, height adjustment and suitability for a variety of flooring. This level of stability and isolation allows the speaker to sing freely without music-robbing resonances.

High-end low mass speaker terminals

Vimberg uses Argento binding posts that might look rather unusual, but serve a great purpose in terms of sound quality. The contact area is pure silver while the rest of the binding post is a polymer that won’t magnetically interfere with the signal. While these binding posts can accept a variety of banana plugs, spade termination on your choice of speaker cable is recommended.

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