Everest Audio's Featured Products

The Alta Audio Solo speakers are your gateway into great sound. For many, it may be their final stop! Full, rich and detailed sound that belies their price. Enthusiastically recommended.
For a compact streaming source and 60 watt X 2 amplifier all built in to one easy to operate and great looking piece of gear, the Bluesound Powernode 2 is a magnificent unit.
The brand new Hegel H190 is the replacement for their highly regarded H160 and takes performance to a whole new level with SoundEngine2 technology and a better DAC too!
The T+A PA 2500 R integrated amp is one step down from their top HV series, but incorporates a lot of the same technology. Certainly not inexpensive, but plays in rarified league.
Introducing the new SV series of power cables from GutWire. The SV-6 is the entry cable in this series, but easily shows why GutWire has built their reputation on the quality of their cables.
The Vertere PHONO-1 preamplifier sets new standards at this price point. While their phono products are beyond the range of many, this piece certainly isn’t and is absolutely killer!